Booking Conditions


All bookings require a deposit to be received.  All cancellations will incur a $20 cancellation fee. Deposits will only be refunded (less the cancellation fee) if notice is received for the below listed periods:

Bookings for 28 day stays or more require 28 days minimum notice

Bookings for 8-27 day stays require 14 days minimum notice

Bookings for 7 day stays or less require 7 days minimum notice

Deposits will not be refunded at all if notice given is less than the specified notice periods for the bookings mentioned above or if no notice is given at all.


 ALLOCATION OF SITES:  If you would like to request a particular site in our park please discuss with management at your earliest convenience.  There is “NO” guarantee that you will get the site you request. The owners will and must use the park to their discretion in order to maximise park bookings. Your reservation guarantees you “A” site not “A PARTICULAR” site. Once on site you MUST keep all your vehicles, equipment & belongings on your own site. Other bookings come in for sites beside you at odd times of day or night and these sites need to remain clear and accessible.

VEHICLES & SPEED:   The park speed limit is 5 km/hr. THIS MUST BE ADHERED TO. WE HAVE ELDERLY AND CHILDREN IN THE PARK THAT CAN NOT MOVE OUT OF THE WAY QUICK ENOUGH. YOU DON’T WANT TO BE THE ONE TO GET OUT OF YOUR VEHICLE AFTER A BUMP AND FIND A PERSON OR CHILD LAYING UNDER YOUR VEHICLE. Visitor’s vehicles are not permitted in the park, they MUST be parked in the visitor car park near the office or outside the park fence. Only one vehicle permitted per site. Consult management if you have more than one vehicle. Please do not park them on other sites as these sites may be needed when you are not around to move your vehicle.

 NOISE & BEHAVIOUR:     Undue noise, violence of any form, abusive, threatening, intimidating/offensive behavior or language by residents, guests or visitors is strictly prohibited and will result in the immediate removal of the perpetrator from the park in accordance with the law and will result in the termination of the occupancy or tenancy. No noise that would disturb adjoining sites is permitted after 10pm or before 7am.

CHILDREN:    Children 12yrs & under must be supervised by an adult in and around the swimming pool & all other park facilities at all times. Management will not accept any responsibility for the safety of the children in the park.

SWIMMING POOL:   Obey the pool rules. VISITORS ARE NOT TO USE THE POOL OR PARK FACILITIES. These are strictly for guests and residents only.

DAMAGES:   Persons found deliberately causing damage to park property, buildings and contents, equipment, gardens or trees will be asked to leave the property and be liable for payment of any repair/damage costs involved.


CHECK IN/OUT: Check in time is 11am for powered & camping sites.  Check in time for on-site vans is 12noon.  ALL CHECK-OUTS ARE 10am on the day of departure unless prior arrangements are made with Management. Unapproved late checkouts will result in another night’s accommodation fee.

EMERGENCIES:    PLEASE CALL 000 IMMEDIATELY IF AMBULANCE, FIRE OR POLICE ARE REQUIRED. All emergencies, incidents and injuries sustained whilst a guest of our Park must be reported immediately to Management.

PETS:  We are a pet friendly park and gladly welcome them however, management reserves the right to restrict the number of pets per site and refuse entry to dangerous breeds & aggressive pets.  Pets must be kept on a lead (either chained up or in the hands of their owners), barking controlled (do not allow your pet to bark incessantly) and cleaned up after at all times. In compliance with health regulations pets ARE NOT permitted inside the park’s onsite vans or their annexes or inside cabins. As the pet’s owner you accept full responsibility for any personal injury or other damage caused by your pet whilst in the park.

RUBBISH:  All fish and seafood scraps to be placed in the appropriate bins located at the fish cleaning area ( Do not mix plastics and other general waste with the fish scraps as the council disposal facility is not equipped to handle this. It must be fish scraps only). All other waste to be placed in wheelie bins around the park. Any waste other than general household rubbish must be disposed of by guests at the local council Waste Transfer Station i.e. oversized items that do not fit in the wheely bin, batteries, gas bottles, pallets etc

WATER: Water restrictions apply, please see Management before using hoses

OFFICE HOURS:  Office hours during the busy season are MON –FRI 7:00am to 5:00pm, SAT 7:00am to 4:30pm & SUN 7:00am to 5:00pm and may vary at the discretion of management.
After hours check ins & emergencies can be reached on 07 4745 9306 or 0429 477 412 or 0437 426 319

Karumba Point Holiday & Tourist Park